Sales Invoice Feature

  • Generate Invoice
  • Collection Management
  • Transport Management
  • Debit Note Generate
  • Customer Opening Balance
  • Automatic Tax Collection

Purchase Invoice Feature

  • Invoice Generate
  • payment Management
  • Product Database
  • Transport management
  • Credit Note Generation
  • Vender opening balance

Inventory Feature

  • Stock Transcation Reports
  • Current Stock Reports
  • Option to Add Opening Stock
  • Small Business Accessible

Quick Invoice Billing Software

  • Sales Invoice

    A sales invoice can be simply defined as the request of payment by the supplier for goods sold or services provided the seller. An invoice generally lists the description and the quantity of the item sold or service provided. The docu ment is also a record of the sale for both the seller and the buyer.

  • Purchase Invoice

    When you receive a purchase invoice from your supplier, check the details carefully to make sure that no mistakes have been made. It is much easier to get an invoice corrected before payment is due.

  • Account statement Report

    A statement of account is a detailed report of the contents of an account. An example is a statemet send to a customer, showing billings to and payments from the customer during a specific time period, resulting in an ending balance.

  • Add Unlimited Users

    The software Provide you option to add unlimted user And assigen rights based on your business requriment.

  • Download Print Invoice

    The invoice generated by software can be printed at any given to time on a single click

  • This is a standard software for various segment like Manufacturers ,Traders and Transporters.

    • Customer Information
    • Product Details
    • Costing as per GST rates
    • Transport Information
    • Advance Collection
    • Vender Information
    • Product Details
    • Costing as per GST rates
    • Advance Payment
    • Transport Information